Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cleo mod Car Delivery1.0beta Finally released.

Description :
This is the beta version of the mod, made by GTA MG The Developers.This not just a cleo mod but we are going to create a new patch with new storyline and many new mods.So Stay in touch with us. If you have any idea or found any bug of our mod or receive just send a mail Don't forget to review.

Download From either one of these links:

Version 1.0beta notes:

Control: Press T on your keyboard to open delivery screen. Press T to close and Press space to order.Here we cover the car Nebula and PCJ 600. More will be added in final release. We have not add the price currently. That feature will be added in final release. Installation: Copy CarDelivery.cs to cleo folder and menu.fxt to cleo\cleo_text Contact us: email:

Upcoming Version Fixes:
1.We will try to cover the whole San Andreas cars.
2.We will try to use the maximum models of San Andreas.


Contact us:

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  1. That's a really cool mod you've made! I love it... I (like a lot of other people) am waiting for the final release... It seems you haveb't been active for a while. Are you people still working on GTA:SA CLEO mods?