Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Pickups 1.0 Released

Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasImage via Wikipedia

Our First Cleo mod More Pickups 1.0 Finally released.

Description :
This is the first version of the mod, made by GTA MG The Developers.This not just a cleo mod but we are going to create a new patch with new storyline and many new mods.So Stay in touch with us. If you have any idea or found any bug of our mod or receive just send a mail to Don't forget to review.

Download From either one of these links:

Version 1.0 notes:
1.Many weapons and cars in Ganton,GlenPark,Mullholand,Madd Dogg's Manson,Santa Maria Beach and many more secrect places in los santos.

Upcoming Version Fixes:
1.We will try to cover the whole San Andreas.
2.We will try to use the maximum models of San Andreas.That means more Car Parking and weapons.

Contact us:

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